Project Estimation Services
Why is project budget estimation important?
Expert estimation of the development project allows you to avoid unexpected expenses and project delays. It helps to define product requirements to get the result that will match the business needs.
Project Estimation Services

Software project estimation services

Not sure if the quote you received is reasonable? Get a second opinion — let our team estimate the project cost for you.
Why is project budget estimation important?
Expert estimation of the development project allows you to avoid unexpected expenses and project delays. It helps to define product requirements to get the result that will match the business needs.
About us
Founded in 2022, we're a team of experienced professionals specializing in precise software project estimation services across various industries. Our mission is to help businesses make informed decisions on project costs and timelines while avoiding overpayment and ensuring efficient completion.

We take pride in our extensive knowledge of the average cost per hour for development, design, and other services worldwide. This data-driven approach enables us to provide clients with highly accurate project cost estimations while factoring in global industry standards and trends.

Our team's diverse experience in healthcare, fintech, booking, real estate, and e-commerce allows us to deliver comprehensive and unbiased estimations tailored to your unique project requirements and business objectives.

Choose us as your trusted software project estimation partner and benefit from our data-driven insights, ensuring accurate cost predictions and the success of your next project.
How we work
How we estimate project cost
Our team of experts will review your project specifications and provide a reliable estimate of the cost and timeline for your project. Our mission is to help you avoid overpaying, set realistic expectations, and ensure that your project is completed on time and within budget.
We provide an independent estimation based on analytic data from reliable sources.
We evaluate projects with a full understanding of how different stacks, hourly rates, and features of various complexities are priced.
Goals and objectives
Our analyst focuses on understanding your business goals and how your product can impact their growth. We contact you to clarify the details and further study the project materials and documentation, if any, in order to identify the project's key objectives.
Our approach is to break down each objective into achievable, measurable steps so our clients can track their progress.
List of features
After decomposing the business goals, our analyst identifies the technical requirements to achieve them. We do this by breaking the project into user stories — concise descriptions of product's features and how users interact with them. By outlining the user stories, we can plan sprints for design and development that align with our client's goals.
Additional components
We take into account the cost of necessary third-party integrations like payment gateways, cloud computing, or API services. There can be other components that can affect the final price, and our goal here is to make the project budget estimation transparent.
Tech stack
Based on our experience, we provide recommendations on tech stack that will fit your desired development pace, quality requirements, and budget expectations. Choosing between native, cross platform and web development can also affect the cost of the project.
In our software project estimate, we divide the project work into functional models consisting of user stories. We calculate the number of hours needed to design and develop each of them. The estimate also includes technical tasks such as creating the architecture and deploying the project, as well as time for team meetings.
Total cost estimation
At the final stage of the software project estimation we prepare a document containing the hours and cost of all work stages and the final cost of the project. To estimate the project cost, we multiply the time by the hourly rate of specialists. Such a document allows you not only to determine what the product will be like and find out the cost of the work, but also to test the business idea and improve it if necessary.
Please note that we do not retain any data related to projects that we have received for estimation.
How we estimate project cost for different industries
Our team has extensive experience in estimating projects for all major industries. This allows us to determine the core features required, coupled with approximate costs and timelines for design and development, after our first interaction with you.
Healthcare software projects typically involve complex coding and integration with existing software systems. To help ensure a successful project, we look at a range of factors, such as the size and scope of the project, healthcare data to be integrated, and the technology stack. Based on our project budget estimate experience, we can provide you with accurate pricing for your healthcare software projects and help you save cost.
Fintech software projects often involve innovating solutions for the banking and finance industry and so require a thorough evaluation of the architecture, data sources, business logic, and user interface design. We can help determine the complexity and scope of the project, the number of operational cycles needed, and associated costs.
We can help streamline your booking platform development and get the right estimates for your travel business. Even in a competitive industry like travel, there’s always the opportunity to create a unique vision and introduce new features. Our team is experienced and ready to provide a second opinion on the cost of your project and assist with the implementation of any task.
Real estate
Real estate software should simplify the real estate transactions and paperwork, automate agents’ routine tasks, and provide easy access to information about available properties. We can help you estimate the cost of your project with all necessary features, facilitating the interaction of agents, buyers and managers. With our assistance, you can more accurately assess the viability of your real estate software and determine the right project prices for you.
Custom e-commerce website development involves the design, deployment, and maintenance of a store tailored to your unique business needs. This approach can be worth it for the efficiency and increased functionality it can offer. Our software project estimation services can help you get the right estimates for your e-commerce project. Depending on your business goals, we can estimate platforms of any scale and specifics.
If you don’t find your niche in the list below, please feel free to contact us for a software project estimate anyway.
If you don’t find your niche in the list below, please feel free to contact us for a software project estimate anyway.
Our team analyzes your project requirements, business objectives, and desired outcomes in detail. We consider various factors such as technical specifications, industry norms, and global average costs per hour for development, design, and other services. We then deliver a comprehensive and accurate project cost estimation tailored to your unique needs.
Our experienced team has a deep understanding of various industries and extensive knowledge of global average costs for development, design, and other services. We provide data-driven, accurate, and unbiased software project estimations, ensuring that you make informed decisions and avoid overpaying for your project.
Absolutely. We are committed to protecting your data and maintaining confidentiality. We do not retain any project-related data after providing the estimations, and we follow strict security measures to ensure your information is safe with us.
Our team has experience across a wide range of industries including, but not limited to, healthcare, fintech, booking, real estate, and e-commerce. We can provide precise project cost estimations for any industry, taking into account the intricacies and nuances of each sector.
Our goal is to provide you with an accurate and comprehensive project estimation within 24 hours. In some cases, we may require additional information or clarification, which may increase the turnaround time.
If your project requirements change, please reach out to us with the updated information, and we will gladly reassess your project and provide a revised estimation accordingly.
Yes, our team can also assist with project consulting, helping you refine your business idea or make improvements to your project based on our in-depth analysis and expertise.
If you have any questions or need additional information, please using the form on the website. Our team is always ready to help you in evaluating your software projects.
If you are contemplating hiring a development agency or have already received a quote for your project, you can contact us for independent software project estimation services.
Our team has extensive experience in the tech industry, enabling us to provide you with accurate and reliable project budget estimates.
Drop a line to get a second opinion, and we’ll contact you within the next 24 hours.